Coaching: 1 on 1 Boxing Lessons

My Coaching Philosophy (It’s always evolving)

Patience, persistence, determination, and the continued drive to become better.

Boxing is a complex sport and I’m able to simplify complex boxing strategies, methods and techniques, so that you can understand and learn more easily.

If I tell you do something, you might remember it or you might do it. But if I show you how to do it, tell you why, and explain the practical reasoning behind what to do, you’ll remember it and do it.

If I don’t have the answer to a boxing problem you have I will do my best to find an answer and solution to your problem.

I don’t believe in a one size fits all training approach. Because something that works for someone else may not always work for you. My craving for knowledge helps me experiment with boxing techniques and strategies that will help you learn how to box and become a better boxer.

What I bring to each one of your personalized training session:

  • 100% focus on you. I want you to improve your boxing skills and knowledge.
  • After our first session, I will bring a customized program that will evolve as your skills evolve.
  • An open mind to help you build upon your strengths and minimize your weakness in when it comes to boxing.
  • Distraction free training environment.

What to expect from your first session:

You’re first boxing session will be 1:30 long. The first 5-15 minutes of the first session will be spent discussing what you want to improve upon and what you want to learn. The rest of the session will be me evaluating your strengths, weaknesses, and limitations by going thru both physical and mental drills.

If you’re interested in having a personal coaching session contact me.